Vintage Radio Repair, Restoration, and Modification

After successfully repairing many cruise amps over the years, several repeat customers asked if I could take a look at their radios. Many have not been working in years, have mechanical issues, have cosmetic issues or just need a complete overhaul.  I took on this challenge openly and happily.  These radios were often Becker and Blaupunkt radios, which could be found in vintage Mercedes, Porsche and other Volkswagen automobiles

After working on several units, I can now offer a variety of services that help restore your vintage radio to working order and extend the life of these beautiful machines for years to come.

Services include but are not limited to:

  1. Facial Cleaning and Restoration
  2. Electronics Rebuilt (Internal inspection, capacitor replacement, belts, etc)
  3. Auxiliary Input installation (1/8" standard jack, Bluetooth, or both!).