My name is Kris.  I have been an avid Mercedes owner since 1996.  My grandfather passed away, he left behind his champagne 1982 300SD. Over the years I've repaired and restored it. It is a way for me to honor his memory. This sparked my love for repair and restoration of Mercedes.  Over time I have branched out to include BMW, Porche, Bently, and Rolls Royce.

I have been a long standing member of various Mercedes Benz forums and the amazing communities out there. It was this community that helped start Even today, I am still an active member; Sharing knowledge of how to test and diagnose issues with the vintage models.  

One day, I had an idea of trying to fix the cruise amp in my 1989 420SEL. I had been working on some other vintage hi-fi pieces and thought of a few idea that might work on the cruise amps.  So, I spent some time going over the board, replacing components and cleaning everything up, and it worked!  I created a post that detailed what I did and shared it with the community. A few posters suggested that I offer it as a service.  I decided, "Why not?" and offered to refurbish existing units and got my first order. Since then I've expaned to cover just about every piece of electronics one might find in a vintage 70s, 80s, or early 90s car. From cruise control, to instrument clusters, to HVAC control panels. I've worked on quite a few devices over the years. 

Even as a little boy I have always loved to take things apart and see how they worked.  I love to be able to take something that no longer works, find out why and get it back to working order.  I also really enjoy helping others who own vintage vehicles restore their own vehicles.